UPY 2018 – High-class underwater photography

Those of you who’ve been following this blog for some time probably know already that we’re big fans of awards. To us photo awards are a sign of motivation and inspiration. It’s just incredible how much photographic talent exists in this world and how different the techniques, approaches and perspectives of photographers can be.

One of my favorite awards is the “Underwater Photographer of the Year“. In particular because so far I’ve barely gathered experience regarding underwater photography and because the ocean, like outer space, simply is a territory I will probably never be really able to explore. I’ve always been fascinated by and reverent toward the ocean and the underwater world. I can clearly remember my first dive where I had mixed feelings of joy and fear.

Wales, in particular, fascinate me and I won’t give up my dream of swimming close enough to a whale and touching it once.

A while ago the winner of the renowned “Underwater Photographer of the Year“-contest was announced and this year’s winning pictures really fulfilled all my expectations. The jury, consisting of Peter Rowlands, Alex Mustard and Martin Edge, selected the best photos by category from more than 5,000 submissions from 63 countries. As you can see on the website of the organizers, this year they also focused on a really wide range of different perspectives, techniques, styles and aspects of the underwater world in the contest, and that’s exactly what makes the UPY so special and interesting to me. The UPY (Underwater Photographer of the Year) comprises eleven categories – with the categories „Behaviour“ and „Wide Angle“ being my favorites.

You can see the Top 3 of these two categories here. But don’t miss out on the rest. On the UPY website you can find all winning pictures.

In the course of the UPY a video was published where many photographers given an insight and talk about their creations.


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