Caught up by winter (SIGMA 24-70 mm F4 DG OS HSM | Art)

Plus ten degrees, the sun that had just started to shine a bit stronger and some flowers had ventured out to the surface – this was an image which I was very happy about on my last stroll in the woods last weekend. I kept thinking that this was the end of winter and slowly but surely we could look forward to some nicer warmer days.

And then Tuesday came. When I glimpsed out of the window I couldn’t see anything of spring anymore. Once again winter had caught up with us, covering the city under a thick layer of snow. There were still thick flakes falling from the sky and a look at the thermometer told me that the temperatures had dropped from plus down to minus ten degrees. Once I’d overcome the sudden onset of winter, I put on some warm clothes and jumped out – with my camera, of course. I decided to escape the city with its snowy chaos on the streets and leave for the countryside. There the layer of snow was even higher and I could fully enjoy the calm atmosphere (with a red nose). On my walk I tried to capture the beautiful details of the cold season once again on my lens. Snow-covered and frozen leaves, the forest eradiating so much peace, and the animals gathering on snowy ranches. Once more I was in my element and almost forgot about the cold.

My material included my camera, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III, and my favorite all-round lens, the SIGMA 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM.

With the motifs I shot vignetting turned out to be relatively strong as the photos were mainly white and the dark frames came out even more clearly. With far-angle shots, in particular, the frames were more evident than I’d been used to. However, when post-editing the pictures removing them with the right program was quite easy. For balancing and color adaptations I prefer using Lightroom. What is your favorite program when editing raw files?

I wish you all some wonderful snowy winter days, or perhaps a nice beginning of spring sometime soon? Anyway, all the best and enjoy shooting. 🙂


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