Attention – these Instagram users will make you a travel-addict!

Hey guys!

Addicted to traveling! A feeling I’m often caught by and that tortures me every now and then. I simply love hopping on a car, a train or a plane and starting off into my next adventure! No matter where to, what counts is going far away and exploring some new environment (with my camera, of course).

Even if my travel addiction increases this way, I simply can’t help following some great travel photographers on Instagram. Among the numerous great photos from remote countries, exotic nature and bustling megacities you are certainly going to become a travel-addict as well.


The first photographer I’d like to show you is French photographer  Alex Strohl, who already has more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram. Deservedly, if you ask me! Forbes Magazine says about him, “Alex’s pictures bring depth and colors other photographers don’t capture.” And even National Geographic seems fairly impressed, “Strohl’s work transports you into magical moments…” On his website he also offers presets for pictures with his look:

My second favorite is Finn Beales, who hardly stays longer than 72 hours at one location. The pictures taken by the Welsh photographer in Ireland, Canada or India, however, will be stuck on your mind for some longer time. Breathtaking and rugged landscapes are his trademark! His follower base currently has 558,000 members.


The Instagram account of Melissa shows you something very different. As “Girl Eat world”, Melissa takes pictures of food from around the globe. Starting with a corn cob on Bali, to ice waffles in South Korea to octopus dumplings in Tokyo, you can find almost everything on Melissa’s account. The food pictures give us some insight into the culture and cuisine of a country and impress almost 400,000 people. In contrast to the other two photographers, she doesn’t use any expensive or high-quality cameras for her photos but only her smartphone.  Anyway, I find her idea fantastic. J


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