Sony Photography Award 2018

It’s time again – it’s the award season. Not only in Hollywood are the best movies awarded in every possible category. Also in the world of photography one competition after another and a lot of breathtaking awarded pictures pop up in the social media and on photo blogs. Today I also contribute my share! 😉

A couple of days ago, the finalists of the SONY World Photography Awards were announced. Never before there’ve been such a large number of photo submissions (more than 320,000) from photographers from over 200 countries in the world and you can only guess the hard task the jury had to face. But now comes the moment: For every category the jury published a top 10 selection of pictures – they now have the chance to be titled “Photographer of the Year” and receive 25,000 USD of prize money. Besides the “Photographer of the Year”, amateur photographers also have the chance of winning the “Open Photographer of the Year”.

You can take a look at all photos in the closer selection here on Do you have any favorites? I’d be totally overstrained and probably could never make a decision. On 20 March we’re already going to know the winner of the open competition. On 19 April the winning images of the “professional” competition will be announced and I’m really excited about who’s going make it.

On the award website you can find all information about the Sony Photography Award, even information about the next round that will start in June 2018 already. One part I particularly like is the success stories. The Sony Photography Award has really changed the lives of many former winners and given them incredible opportunities. I always find such stories highly motivating and they remind me that once I should definitely give it a try and take the challenge. Have you ever participated at a photo competition? Or perhaps even been awarded?

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