Mountains with a halo – Reuben Wu’s stunning photography

Those among you who use Instagram a lot and who, like me, are interested in drone landscape photography in particular, probably know Reuben Wu already. With his characteristic drone light photography, the musician and photographer spellbinds thousands of followers and succeeds in portraying already stunning mountain chains and rocks as something even more overwhelming. His long-exposed photos in his photo project “Lux Noctis“ strongly remind us of outer space. To me the light circles he draws around the mountain peaks with his drones symbolize the orbit of the planets. As you know, I’m thrilled by a lot of things. Outer space intrigues me in particular though. Perhaps it’s the reason why this particular photo series fascinates me so much among all the fantastic projects of the photography talent.

“Photographs, like music, can create an echo of a time and a place.
To me, my images are more than pictures. They are fragments of
memory and imagination.” (Reuben Wu)


On his website Reuben Wu writes that his awarded “Lux Noctis” project had been inspired by planet explorations, romantic 19th century paintings and science fiction. Since 2016 the photographer has been working on “Lux Noctis” and regularly presents his work on the social media as well. More than 90,000 users keep following his account on Instagram. Landscape photography counts among the most successful contents on Social Media channels. There are outdoor and mountain photographers like sand in the ocean. Nevertheless, some of them succeed in sticking out of the crowd by making their very individual perception of sceneries accessible to other people with their pictures, thus expanding their perspective of the world and adding to the entire image an extra portion of magic and aesthetics. Drones and drone photography play a very special role for Reuben Wu. In an interview with Bored Panda, he says that even in his childhood days he was dreaming of having a flying camera and shooting from every unknown perspective you can imagine.

“We are overwhelmed everyday by beautiful images of the familiar. I imagine these scenes transformed into undiscovered landscapes which renew our perceptions of our world.” (Reuben Wu)

How do you like Reuben Wu’s pictures? You’ll find many more of his amazing photos on his website.

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