Some Instagram feeds for you that are a bit different

 Hey guys,

last time I showed you Instamgram feeds that make you a travel-addict by taking our thoughts to solitary beaches, impressive miracles of nature and bustling cities. For today I had an idea that was a bit different: These three accounts will make you laugh or they may even make you shake your head. According to the motto “What the heck was on the mind of these guys?”



You always wanted to know what Meryl Streep would look like wrapped up in a Salami pizza? No? Doesn’t matter. On this account you will find the answer. On the Instagram feed tasteofstreep you can find the winner of several Oscars in combination with all kinds of food. The person behind this bizarre page aims to photoshop the celebrity into every sort of food. Of course, the outfits of this star always match perfectly with the corresponding food in terms of color. Sitting on a cucumber, lying in a muesli or coffee, or posing on an avocado toast – you’re going to find a lot.



The next account I’ve chosen for you is called miserable_man. It gives an answer to the frequent question how men feel when women go shopping. While she does the shopping, he keeps waiting… and waiting… and waiting. A nap on a chair, on a couch or on the floor is something that can easily happen.



Who among you is looking for some inventions that could make the world a better place? Those who are will probably find something here. The colorful images can surely make you laugh, so just take a look on Instagram. With almost 45,000 followers this page has become quite popular by now.

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