Are Digital Artists the new stars in photography?

Have you ever thought about your opinion on photo editing? I’m not talking about the kind of post-editing that’s supposed to make models even more flawless by retouching half of their legs and adding quite a bit to their upper part of the body.  No, I’m referring to the photo editing that makes sceneries, parts of cities or persons something that resembles a world of color. Something that transfers us into a fairytale world and enchants us with its plays of color and the seemingly endless imaginative power of Digital Artists.

Recently I’ve read an article according to which some of today’s most successful photographers are those belonging to the category Digital Artists and impressing with qualities that are almost closer to painting than to classical photography. And that’s exactly what digital art actually is – a mixture of art created digitally with diverse image editing software and photography, whereas the photos are often only the basis for the final result. Because I think that some digital art creations barely make you think of the original subject that’s been photographed with a camera. In the social media this sort of photography has also become fairly popular. One guy who’s become incredibly successful is Robert Jahns aka nois7. The typical thing of his images is the vibrant colors and the fantasy moments. A whale swimming through the canal of Venice? A woman holding the moon in her hands? The Eiffel Tower in the middle of a wintery forest? That’s just some ideas Robert Jahns has realized with his digital art.

Many people, at least those I know, have an ambivalent opinion on digital art. Some believe that all of this is too kitschy and doesn’t have a lot to do with real photography anymore. Others, however, are impressed and happy that digital technology has increased the possibilities of photographers so much. What do you think about Digital Art and do you think it’s okay when Digital Artist are compared to “classical” photographers in an international ranking list?

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