Wes Anderson

Hey guys,

we love photography – but every once in a while we like reach out for more and enjoy the art of filmmaking. Today I don’t want to present you a photographer, but an amazing film director! I’m talking about Wes Anderson.

In my eyes he masters the interplay with colors and contrasts in movies like hardly anybody else. He enchants the audience with playful, meticulously created worlds full of fantastic characters. His focus is symmetry, which is also his main trademark. With it he captures the audience, he creates impressive shots and combines them with humor.

When watching films like “Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Moonrise Kingdom”, I always keep thinking that each single frame would make an excellent photograph! Here are some examples for you:

I believe the American film producer, screenwriter and director has developed his own truly unique and unmistakable film language, which captures me right from the first second. If you haven’t heard of him so far, you should definitely watch the following trailers:


For those who have become as fascinated by the impressive settings as I have, there’s one more little piece of information: https://de.mycs.com/blog/der-wes-anderson-stil/  On this website, which I happened to discover, you can see real locations that would perfectly match with the film language used by Wes Anderson.

  1. I like his cuts in the moonrise trailer.


    1. ooh yes! Those are amazing!!!


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