Animal doubles – Krister Sørbø’s “Like Owner, like Dog“

I’m sure most of you are familiar with it. The beginning scene in the Disney movie “101 Dalmatians”, where Pongo walks through the streets with his master Roger and comes across all sorts of dogs with their masters or mistresses. What fascinated me about this scene so much as a child was the fact that in the cartoon the owners and their dogs looked incredibly similar and also behaved in very similar ways.

For whatever reason this particular scene has been on my mind ever since. As soon as I see dog owners with their dog I’d look for resemblances. Of course, Disney cartoons are known to be far from reality, but honestly, there are indeed some dog owners that look or have become incredibly similar to their four-legged pets. 😉

Norwegian photographer Krister Sørbø also got inspired by this phenomenon and so he published a portrait series about it. According to Krister, finding the perfect match didn’t turn out as complicated and time-consuming as one would think. All he had to do was to attend some dog shows. With his own mobile photo studio, which he built up on the shooting location, he was able to capture the couples on the show grounds on his portrait photos.

Krister Sørbø’s portraits are really fascinating and terribly funny as well. Dog and master/mistress sometimes look so extraordinarily similar one would have doubts that those couples really belong together and aren’t just staged. However, the little anecdotes Krister adds to his photos clearly show: This isn’t the case.

With his funny portrait project the photographer also landed on the shortlist of the renowned Sony World Photography Awards.

Do you have a dog? If yes, have you discovered some resemblance between yourself and your four-legged pet? Just take a closer look! 😉

Here you can find the photo Krister Sørbø’s photo series “Like Owner, like Dog”:


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