Photos from the garden

Isn’t May one of the best months for us photographers? Nature is waking up everywhere and it is sunny on the one hand, so that it is possible to photographically capture the beauty all around us, but on the other it isn’t too warm like it often is in July or August, which can make you lose interest in taking photos in no time.

The inspiration for the photos I want to show you today isn’t any specific photographer. I remember at one time finding photos of plants by chance, which were taken from up close with very long and fast lenses and from that point on always wanting to shoot photos like that myself. With the Sigma 135mm f1.8 Art I finally have the tool necessary for achieving the desired effect. What I find appealing with photos like that is the bokeh overdose, which clearly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The first five or so photos best demonstrate the effect I have in mind. The remaining photos are simply not “minimalistic” enough. 🙂

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