It’s all about timing. Peter Maier and his viral timelapse video.

It’s all about timing. Time and again this saying proves to be true. Only recently the perfect timing made Peter Maier, a hobby photographer from Mölltal in Austria, a viral internet hit. The guy from Mölltal achieved more than one million clicks with his video hit and the fascination remains unbroken among internet users. His video and his photos show a thunderstorm above Lake Millstatt. It’s been perfectly captured and to me one of the most spectacular rainwater column time lapse videos I’ve ever seen. The atmosphere in the video is almost like an “Armageddon”. The huge water column comes closer and closer and looks so surreal that you almost feel like being in a Hollywood natural disaster blockbuster. Peter Maier has a knack for perfect timing. Some time ago a video of a mini tornado in the Mölltal already hit the headlines. Of course, not everything is due to mere coincidence. In an interview with the Kleine Zeitung, Maier says that he mostly carries his 6-camera-plus equipment with him in spite of the considerable weight. Carrying this weight definitely pays off, as he impresses us with such spectacular shots in the end, don’t you think? 😉

Besides his viral videos you can find many more breathtaking shots on the Austrian hobby photographer’s Instagram account as well as on his Youtube account.

In any case, I’m already thrilled with which photos and videos Peter Maier is going to break new records in the near future! 😉

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