When it’s just getting too much…

Hey guys,

I don’t know if you’re employed, doing an apprenticeship, study or still go to school. But for sure all of you know this feeling when everything is just getting too much. The to-do-list is getting longer and your eye bags thicker. Once again I’ve gotten stuck in this wonderful phase and I feel like I can’t see my own flat anymore. It’s time for a change of scenery so my thoughts will become clearer again. When this is the case, I grab my stuff, go for a walk and after some time outside I find a cozy place in one of my favorite cafés. There I can restart with a new focus.

Today I’d like to take you to a very special café where, at times when I feel down in terms of creativity, I can find new spirits, new ideas and some inspiration. The café is called “Omas Teekanne” (“Granny’s Tea Pot”), and as you can guess from its name, this is one of its greatest attractions. “Tea has become trendy again,” the two nice owners keep saying over and over again. There I take a seat, order a pot of tea and for the next few hours I become productive again. In this creative café with its nostalgic touch, music from the 1960s and the sweet smell of fresh pastries you can easily forget time and proceed with your work with new motivation. Furniture pieces from the 1950s and 1960s, old discs, vintage books and magazines find a new home at this place and make the entire café, which feels like a journey back in time, complete.

In order to share with you this magical place where I love to stay and which re-inspires me again and again, I took along my camera, the Canon 5D Mark III, and captured some impressions for you. As a lens I used the all-rounder SIGMA 24-70 mm F2.8 EX DG HS. How do you cope with a lot of work? And what do you do when something is just getting too much? I’d like to read your comments!

All the best,


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