How about some Indian food?

Hey guys,

Today it’s time again for a little photo walk or, in other words, for a trip to a restaurant where I was allowed to take pictures and got the chance of tasting different dishes!

I used this opportunity to test the latest member of my lens series. Actually, it isn’t really a lens but a converter, the MC-11. This certainly rings a bell for all Sony photographers, as it makes it possible to use interchangeable lenses with SIGMA SA-mounts and SIGMA EF-mounts on cameras with a Sony E-mount. Some months ago I bought a little Sony as a second camera and now I can finally use my favorite Canon lenses on it. Even though it was possible in the past to use cameras and lenses of different manufacturers with certain methods, the converter is a clear improvement in terms of mechanics and software as well.

In the next few weeks I’m going to write a more detailed review on the adapter (which is certainly part of many photographers’ equipment already). But after my first test I’d like to share a few words with you. I believe the adapter will be a great add-on to my equipment. It is small, light and offers a series of new possibilities. From today it’s going to accompany me on many occasions for sure. The chance of using my favorite lenses, like the 50mm Art or the 24-105mm Art, easily and with a well-functioning and fast autofocus on a Sony camera is very tempting!

Of course, not only the photographic possibilities provided by this particular adapter are very tempting but also the authentic Indian food I could capture on my lens. A variety of traditional dishes and their creative preparation made my mouth water. So it was very difficult indeed to stay focused on the photographic side until it was finally time for lunch.


  1. Beautifully captured! ❤


    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 Happy you like it!


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