“The Eggs-hibit” – Michele Baldini and his creative egg artworks.

Today I have something out of the category: “You can be successful with everything” for you again.

Michele Baldini is an artist and medical student. His canvas is a pan and his tools are eggs. That’s all the Mexican student needs for his art. Fried eggs as a work of art? Why not!?

In times of Social Media you can, of course, also earn money with it and what is, nowadays, even more important for some people, attract worldwide attention. Michele Baldini has been creating his egg artworks for over three years and has already made it to over 36 thousand followers on Instagram. New creations appear regularly on his Instagram profile and when you click yourself through his “Eggs-hibit” profile you soon realize that Michele Baldini not only has an odd hobby, but that the medical student has an exceptionally creative mind. From Gandalf the Wizard of the Lord of the Rings, to US President Trump, to the skyline of New York, there is no limits to Michele’s egg artistry. Although he loves eggs and is, not surprisingly, a big fried egg fan, he doesn’t eat his egg creations after he took the obligatory Instagram photo. Especially because the procedure for such a work of art is quite complicated and the eggs are cold at the end. Also because he uses raw egg yolk for many of his works for aesthetic reasons and the risk of getting infected with salmonella would simply be too high. I find Michele’s idea really funny and I am happy that I once again stumbled upon another person via social media who has such extraordinary and funny ideas as Michele Baldini.

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