The atmosphere of the golden hour

Anyone who has anything to do with photography cannot avoid the notion of the golden and the blue hour. The golden hour describes the period shortly after sunrise or shortly before sunset, in which the sunlight takes on an orange to reddish colour and is already very low. Long shadows appear and everything seems dreamy, calm and a little enchanted.

The counterpart to the golden hour is the blue hour. It describes the time before sunrise or after sunset, during which time everything is immersed in a cool but very clear blue light. In the coming weeks I will upload another photo walk concerning this topic. 😊

Both of these times are wonderful for taking pictures, because great moods can easily be captured. The light is much more interesting than the direct sun, which is at its zenith, illuminating everything and casting hard shadows. Today I take you for a walk somewhere, in the middle of nowhere at golden hour. These were taken in summer, close to my home near Vienna about 20 to 20:30 o’clock. The term is therefore used pictorially. The effect itself has no defined duration and changes according to geographical latitude and season. But there are some good apps where you can get information about the times of the sun. (One example is the Sun Surveyor app where you can get a free light version to inform you about the optimal time for a shooting. )

I photographed with my Sony Alpha 7II, the MC-11 (which I summarized some thoughts about a few days ago and which also did very well this time) and the Sigma 24 – 70mm / 2,8 DG OS HSM Art.

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