Shadow plays – Vincent Bal

I’ve probably mentioned it a hundred times by now, but I just have to stress it again and again, I’m rarely as enthusiastic about something as about people who conquer the world with creative photo ideas. Or, at least become successful with it. 😉

My latest discovery is Vincent Bal.
Many of you will probably think that this genius is no stranger and certainly no new discovery, but I really only came across the work of the Belgian artist in the last few weeks and now of course belong to his more than 380 thousand Instagram Followers.

For all of you who haven’t heard of Vincent Bal’s “Shadowlogy” artworks, I’m writing this article for you. 😉
How could it be otherwise, this career started by chance. When Vincent Bal was working on one of his new projects, he is not only a shadow artist but also a well-known filmmaker, his eyes fell on his tea cup in front of him on the table and especially on the shadow this tea cup cast. Creative head as he is, he immediately saw the shape of an elephant in it.
He helped this image with some scribbling, took a picture of it and uploaded it to Instagram. The reactions were so unexpectedly positive that Vincent set out to create a new shadow image for Instagram every day from that day on. Over time he became more and more creative and had to come up with a the most unique ideas.  The result of his ingenuity is simply terrific. His Instagram profile is filled with shadow shapes, some of which you think you would have seen immediately and others make you realize that Vincent is just an incredible visual talent who can point things out to you that you probably never would have noticed on your own.

One of my previous favorites on his profile is the image of a moose he created with the shadow of a hair clip. I like this motive so much because every day I walk through life with exactly such a clip and I would never have had the idea of making something like that or even anything out of it.

But Vincent Bal’s imagination apparently knows no boundaries. From the Beatles, to an Alcatraz escape, to all imaginable everyday scenes. Vincent creates them all and needs nothing more than light, an everyday object and a pen.

On Etsy you can buy his Shadowlogy Doodles (shadow scribbles) and a book is already available.

How do you like Vincent’s art? Have you heard of him before?


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