Interview with Kazuto Yamaki about Sigma cameras and L-mount and other news


Like other manufacturers Sigma has also announced its new products ahead of Photokina 2018. We have reported on the 6 new lenses as well as the partnership with Leica and Panasonic. Barney Britton, an editor over at DPReview, was able to get a good look at the new lenses. You can find a lot of interesting info and many impressions in his hands-on.

Furthermore Sigma has released a press report about the compatibility of its lenses with the Nikon Mount Adapter FTZ. According to that no issues were observed in course of internal testing while using the lenses on a Z7 with said adapter. However, as it says on Sigma’s webpage linked above, this does not apply to a) lenses that do not incorporate an AF motor and b) some lenses which were shipped before November 2013 and which are not compatible with the latest DSLRs.

I saved the best for last – an interview by Cinema5D with Kazuto Yamaki. In the 10 minute long video Sigma’s CEO is answering numerous questions put forward by the reporter, the most interesting answer for us Foveon fans, however, has to do with Sigma’s full frame L-mount camera – it is under development and coming as early as 2019!

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