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SIGMA Art 50-100mm f/1.8 DC HSM Lens Review

  After giving you a little impression of the SIGMA Art 50-100mmf/1.8 DC HSM lens on my photo tour in the zoo and the photos I was taking there, today you’ll get the extensive review of this new lens which I promised you. My descriptions and technical information will be highlighted with a lot of ...


A reading tip for cozy days

There’s nothing more beautiful than spending your Christmas holidays reading by a warm fireplace, I think. That’s why I was especially happy with the book my grandpa had put under our Christmas tree this year. It’s called “Fotografieren für Blogger – So machst du Fotos mit Klickfaktor“ written by Katharina Dielenheim. After some brief paging ...


When an algorithm rates photos – Flickr photos of the year 2016

Who of us doesn’t know Flickr? – With about 5000 uploads a minute and almost 77 million users Flickr belongs to the 50 most frequented internet websites. Of course this incredible amount of image material uploaded every day makes it hard to find the best photos. Still the image hosting website has selected the “Top ...


SIGMA Background Check – Part 2

Hey guys! This blog article comes with another 4 thrilling facts about the company SIGMA – we already know quite well how lenses function. But what’s behind the name of the company? What made Kazuto start the enterprise? And what is the profit of the home-made cameras? Enjoy reading 🙂   SIGMA The people interested ...


SIGMA Background Check – Part 1

Recently I realized how much I actually know about SIGMA lenses and with how many evaluations and test reviews I permanently expand my knowledge while I never asked myself what’s really behind the name SIMGA. Success, of course. And a vision. And lots of ambitions that made the company achieve its extraordinarily good position on ...


SIGMA NEWS – Product lines

Hey guys, here’s Tamara. Today I’d like to tell you a few things about SIGMA. Many of you may know most of it already, for all the others it’s certainly good to know. Today’s topic will be about SIGMA’s three big product lines! These are the Contemporary, the Art and the Sports series. Which series ...


Learning photography on YouTube? Benjamin Jaworskyj

Over the last couple of years I’ve often heard the name Benjamin Jaworskyj in connection with photography. Last week I had the chance to listen to one of his lectures at the Photo Festival in Zingst. He’s a German photographer working in Berlin. In 2008 he started giving online video tutorials. His YouTube channel is ...


Tips & tricks in wildlife photography:

Hey guys, it’s me again, Tamara. Today I went for a little walk. I felt like taking pictures of animals and telling you a couple of tips and tricks on how you can take great wildlife photos by using simple methods. Unfortunately, I only came across some chickens on my little tour. Apparently the horses, ...


More emotions for Facebook

You can now express more than just "like" on Facebook. Facebook adds new reaction buttons.