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Geo Magazine Community pictures

The GEO Magazine is known for its fantastic photo series and extensive cover stories. The various topics range from sciences like medicine and biology to politics and traveling. Every month the magazine’s editorial board looks for the best reader’s images. So every month the best 20 to 25 submitted photos get published on the GEO ...


Traveling pets

Gandalf the cat and Mack the pug are traveling the world.


A glimpse into the worlds most livable city.

With their time lapse film “A Taste of Vienna” the guys from Filmspektakel achieved unbelievable success. Right on time for the announcement of the Mercer Quality of Living Survey’s results, which voted Vienna the most livable city in the world for the seventh time, the time lapse film of the Filmspektakel team became a viral ...


Tunisia: a short travelog of my holidays (Part 2)

As I wrote in the first part, it was rather quite where I was, and it got more and more quiet towards the end of my holidays: on the fifth or sixth day the Serbian ministry for foreign affairs decided to issue a travel warning, which lead to the hotel being even more empty. From ...


Tunisia: a short travelog of my holidays (Part 1)

After the terrorist attack in Sousse, my friends and family were intent on dissuading me from travelling to Tunisia. However, the holiday had been booked and the money transferred three weeks earlier, and I was so ready for some time off that I got a headache simply from thinking about cancelling and having to comb ...

F “scene-framing” photos of locations of popular movies and series

I remember having seen, many years ago, a photo in an edition of National Geographic which was without doubt the analogue version of what young people today call “scene-framing”. Any exact details have, unfortunately, long faded away into oblivion. I only know that it was of a photographer who found the exact spot where, long ...


Tip: Joe Capra’s Time Laps Videos

When I view my own photos I have a hard time believing that pictures can be worth more than a thousand words. Then I stumble upon a jewel like Joe Capra’s time laps videos and arrive to the conclusion that the old saying is true. His videos are beautiful beyond words. How can one describe ...


Farewell to the Adriatic Sea

It was beautiful, but way too short. So I left fairyland, I am still in Bosnia today, but tomorrow I’ll be jolted back into reality. After Dubrovnik, I took fewer pictures than I hoped I would; instead I soaked up the sun, was swimming in the sea and refuelled loads of positive energy. Let’s get ...


Kind Regards from the Adriatic Sea :-)

The time has finally come! I have been waiting forever for summer doldrums, a full account of money and the right stellar constellation to go to the Adriatic Sea. After my move to Serbia, the changeover and the whole lot of excitement that went along with it, I was in dire need of some downtime ...