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In the patterns of the surroundings

This photo series made me smile. Arnaud Deroudilhe wanted to revive the old Vogue covers from the 60s and present them in a new light. So he cut out the clothes on the covers, traveled around the world and looked for the perfect patterns, sceneries and natural forms to make them shine in new splendor. Arnaud ...


Geo Magazine Community pictures

The GEO Magazine is known for its fantastic photo series and extensive cover stories. The various topics range from sciences like medicine and biology to politics and traveling. Every month the magazine’s editorial board looks for the best reader’s images. So every month the best 20 to 25 submitted photos get published on the GEO ...


Traveling pets

Gandalf the cat and Mack the pug are traveling the world.


That’s her – the coolest granny of them all!

Baddiewinkle, Instagram star and probably the coolest grandma in the world.


More emotions for Facebook

You can now express more than just "like" on Facebook. Facebook adds new reaction buttons.


Press Photo of the year 2015

This press photo will make you cry – it’s the winning image of the “World Press Photo” Award 2015. It’s certainly one of the saddest winning images of the past few years. It was shot by Australian photographer Warren Richardson in the night of August 28 2015 at the Serbia-Hungary border. It shows a man ...


Google “PlaNet”: Big Brother knows exactly where you took your last picture.

Google developed an artificial intelligence system which is able to process information similar to organic brains. The AI can locate exactly where a picture was taken, those locations don’t have to be especially prominent or explicit. Googles “PlaNet” can reliably identify almost any pictures location. To provide this kind of service, Google scientist divided the ...


Luhu, probably the saddest cat in the world :-)

Maggie Liu uses Instagram, lives in Beijing, and has three tabby cats – Barher, Bardie and Luhu – of which she regularly uploads photographs and films to the aforementioned photo-platform. Of the three kitty-cats Luhu is especially popular with the visitors. The small, chubby tomcat always looks exceedingly sad, which has made him a hit ...


Gear Avoidance Syndrome? Huh?

We as photographers are not the only creative ones who are extremely susceptible to “gear acquisition syndrome”. There are said to be many musicians who have difficulty resisting new musical instruments. The symptoms, however, are always the same: the bank account is abruptly plundered even though you already own several guitars, drums or cameras and ...