The latest Trends: Cat Beard and Baby Mugging

The world never stands still, after hadoukening and vadering, new memes came into existence. Although cat beard is no longer the latest fad – that’s how quickly old trends get substituted by new ones. Those wishing to be cool now shoot wide-angle photos of newborn babies with a mug or a cup in front of ...


Funny Video: Adobe plays a prank on people at the bus stop with real-time photo editing

In order to call attention to Adobe’s Creative Day series of events, Adobe put a funny video online two days ago. Passersby were secretly photographed at a bus stop in Stockholm and edited in real-time by Photoshop-guru Erik Johansson. Erik as well as the photographer were situated in a delivery truck on the opposite side ...


Hamburger Abendblatt sets example against press cencorship by renouncing Bartoli-photo

Meanwhile, it is commonplace that pressure is exerted on the media from all different sides. The aim: a sugarcoated story. In the arts sector, musician stakeholders have been opposing neutral media coverage for some time past. Either, pictures are being taken by private photographers or outside photographers are subjected to press censorship. At concerts, it ...


Macro, green and cars with the DP3M

Previous Saturday, the sun dared to come out for a few hours. I used the time for taking some macro shots with the DP3m. Sometimes it rained more, sometimes less. When at my wits’ end, people tend to come up with unusual ideas, at least that’s the case with me. Since I already liked the ...


More topical than ever: David Maisel’s The Lake Project and The Mining Project

While I took a break from reporting on the record-breaking flood in Austria and my home country, I stumbled across two projects by David Maisel as if determined by fate. “The Mining Project” as well as “The Lake Project” both deal with the same topic: human-induced environmental destruction. © David Maisel © David Maisel From Maisel’s favourite ...


Despite the rain I dared to venture out with the DP3m

Our dear sun took some time off, but the urge to go outside for a photo bout with my new toy was too strong. 🙂 As expected, no photogenic motives whatsoever came my way in such weather. Never mind, it was still fun. 🙂 You can view additional DP3m photos on my Pinterest account or Flickr set.


DP3 Merrill: I had to strike again! :-)

Waiting for the cash-back bank transfer, I am holding the DP3M in my hands and cheerfully taking photos. Only the weather, which currently goes haywire, spoils the party. After the hot spell of past weeks, it’s raining cats and dogs at the moment. This is why I could only take some sample pictures inside my ...


Tip: Tim Tadder’s Water Wigs

Actually, I am not a big fan of high speed photography. If, however, we are talking of balloons filled with water falling and bursting on people’s heads, I am happy to make an exception and view the photos ;). Even though „Water Wigs“ came into being a year ago and immediately caused a hype throughout ...



The nice thing about compact cameras is the easy way of taking them anywhere you want. If I only had the SD1, I would take far less pictures. I only take the “big” one with me when I am really planning on taking some pictures. With the DP2M that’s different, it practically accompanies me wherever ...


Aware2: the GIGAPIXEL camera

Almost a year ago, the first reports on the gigapixel camera (Aware2), which a team at Duke University worked on, were published. It was aimed at continually enhancing the design, until the 50 gigapixel mark was reached. Last year’s prototype was nowhere near it: 98 14-megapixel sensors, in a 75x75x50 cm cube, that are provided ...

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