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Santa Claus said to say hallo

Yes, that’s right, he came to visit me and he also brought a present. You are asking yourselves, which one? A lens! Namely, the Sigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 Contemporary. 😉 It’s too early to draw any conclusions. I can, however, already tell you that even though it belongs to the comparatively cheap Contemporary line, it’s every ...


Rumours confirmed: SIGMA presents Mount-Conversion Service!

Over the last week of July, the gossip factory has been working overtime. The first rumour focused on a 24-70mm f/2 by Sigma. No, that’s no typo. After the 18-35mm f/1.8, Sigma is ready to stir up the FF format. Rumour has it we’ll have to wait until September 2014 (Photokina), that’s when the zoom ...


RRP and availability of the Sigma USB dock and first review/sample pictures for the 30mm f1.4 art

The hotly debated USB-Dock by Sigma, said to render all new lenses programmable, will be available in stores at the end of April. Different from what others feared, the dock will be sold over the counter for a reasonable €49. The only thing missing now is appropriate art/contemporary/sports lenses by Sigma and the tuning and ...