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Sigma News & Rumors: SPP 6.0.6 and DP2Q Firmware 1.02 are now available!

Today Sigma has released the SPP Version 6.0.6 and a new Firmware Version 1.02 for the DP2 Quattro. The changelogs look promising. After the update, the camera is supposed to focus more reliably on dark, low-contrast motifs and it is supposed to get a “what you see is what you get” live view mode. SPP ...


Sigma DP2Q vs DP2M Part 1: Noise Performance

Like I promised a few days ago, I’m now posting the noise performance comparison of the DP2 Quattro and the DP2 Merrill. Before I proceed to analyse the results, I would first like to say some things about in-camera settings as well as SPP and Lightroom settings. I haven’t taken any photos at ISO6400, because ...


Additional DP2Q insights and many cat photos

After my last blog post regarding the Quattro I’ve had time to investigate the noise reduction, sharpening and to Sigma users well-known BW blue channel workflow in SPP 6.0.5. As of yet I have no presentable test samples. By the end of this week I will do a noise performance comparison of the DP2Q and ...


Several differences between DP2Q & SPP 6.0.5 and DP2M & SPP 5.5.3

Before you take a look at the cute motifs and possibly get diabetes as a result, I would like to share my insights with you, gained through comparing the DP2Q and SPP 6.0.5 with the DP2M and SPP 5.5.3. 😉 While post processing these most recent photos, I’ve stumbled across the following differences. Sharpness I ...


Overexposure Paranoia with the DP2 Quattro

Before you can shoot technically good photos with a new camera, you first have to familiarize yourself with it. You should follow your own instinct instead of listening to other people’s opinions. I made the mistake of relying too much on reviews – especially on the allegations of the Quattro having more dynamic range in ...


My Sigma DP2 Quattro has arrived!

A few days ago, my Quattro arrived and I’ve already used the opportunity to take some snaps. The first shots aren’t very special but give me the chance to get a feeling for the camera. Better pictures will follow soon. Meanwhile, I can say that the camera feels much faster than the DP2 Merrill. The ...


Sigma DP2Q Link Collection: Reviews, Comparisons, Sample Images, Videos and more

Hopefully I will get my hands on my own DP2 Quattro soon, for that I can provide you guys with some pictures comparing the Merrill. Inbetween this summary of relevant links must do the job. There are many more interesting threads to be found on DPReview, but I had to draw the line somewhere. 🙂


Sigma News & Rumors: first DP2Q RAWs/X3Fs, comparisons with the Merrill, additional samples and more

Less than a week since the last post about the DP2 Quattro and already the first RAWs/X3Fs, comparisons with the Merrill and additional JPG samples have been published. You can download the X3Fs on the Japanese blog (red links), on and on the Blog of one of the Fotogenerell regular readers (Jean Pierre). ...


Sigma News & Rumors: first DP2 Quattro Review, SPP 6 and EVF for DPs

Today morning the Japanese website DC.Watch has published the first review of the Sigma DP2 Quattro. According to the test the build quality and write speeds have been improved considerably. The well-known 30/2.8 lens, which was inherited from the DP2 Merrill, has no difficulties exhausting the potential of the new sensor. The sharpness is supposedly ...


Sigma News & Rumors: first DP2 Quattro Samples, official statement on Price and Availability

Finally there is certainty: the first DP2 Quattro samples were released at last. In the dpQ sample image gallery on Sigma’s Global Vision webpage there are now three full resolution photos of two South African Crowned Cranes. What becomes immediately apparent is that the images were taken at f/13 and by all appearance lighten up ...