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Most beautiful photos of Belgrade

Since I arrived in Belgrade I’ve googled for some pictures of the city just to find out about the most interesting locations and best photo motifs. Of course I’m going to share them with you The above has been taken from the International Space Station by the NASA astronaut Anatoli Alekseyevich Ivanishin. In the center ...


Sigma announces 4 new lenses at CP+ 2013!

After all those Sigma news (35 f1,4, 17-70 f2,8-4, 120-300 f2,8, DP3 Merrill, etc.) in the recent months, I assumed that the Bandai lenses and cameras manufacturer is going to take it easy for a while. Boy was I wrong! The Japanese had many more surprise in store at this year’s CP+. Three new lenses ...


Review: Sigma 10-20 f3.5

I’ve been a proud owner of a Sigma 10-20 f3,5 for a few  months now.  Have been using it almost exclusively on my SD1 in January. I‘ve taken hundreds of photos with the ultra-wide-angle lense since then and it’s about time to share my experience with you.


Scanning film with a DSLR

Everyone who has ever tried to scan analog images for at least testing purposes knows how tedious and time consuming this might be. Therefore I was very excited when I have recently came upon the following articles: Why You Should Digitize Your Film Using a Camera Instead of a Scanner and How to scan films ...