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Animated Light Paintings: Photosgraphé by Lucea Spinelli

In the past I frequently wrote about photographers transforming dozens of photos into short, animated sequences, so-called cinemagraphs. The two most popular photographers working with this type of photography are French: Julien Douvier sees beauty in every trivial move and perfectly understands how to capture it and make it visible to the observer. His colleague ...


Careful, munchies: Food Cinemagraphs on “Buttery Planet”

As you may know, I became a fan of Cinemagraphs ever since I saw them for the first time, half a year ago. Despite GIF being an old acquaintance, for the longest time I was unaware of the enormous potential of the in IQ terms severely limited data format. Until I saw Julien Douvier‘s animated ...


Animated photographs: Julien Douvier’s ‘Cinemagraphs’

It doesn’t matter whether one assigns Julien Douvier’s "cinemagraphs” (“Cinemagramm” in German) to animated pictures or simplified clips. His captures are fascinating and beautiful to watch either way. The gif file format has been developed in the eighties but there is no other photographer crossing my mind who makes use of the format in such ...