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Bryan Adams photography

Bryan Adams, the world famous singer and songwriter is also a talented photographer.


Unnoticed at his own exhibition

Anton Corbijn is one of the very great photographers of our time. For decades he’s been taking pictures of the most popular and most famous artists. His clients all have big names, ranging from the Rolling Stones to U2, from Naomi Campbell to Kate Moss and from Johnny Depp to Cameron Diaz. Not long ago ...


Funny: Renaissance and baroque paintings imitated as images of auto mechanics

Paying tribute to the great renaissance and baroque painters has been a wish of photographer Freddy Fabris for a long time. However, he wasn’t quite sure about how he could fulfill that dream till he discovered a car repair shop in the American Mid-West by coincidence. With the help of a team of eager and ...


Sigma USB Dock: Soon to be Compatible with older Lenses?

Currently, only the new Sigma lenses from the Art, Contemporary and Sports product series are compatible with the USB dock. The AF of the former two can be adjusted with the dock and the firmware can be updated. With the Sports lenses you can additionally adjust the AF (fast but less precise vs. precise but ...


A new Twist on Nude Photography: Carl Warner’s Bodyscapes

Carl Warner is anything but your typical landscape photographer. Instead of venturing outside equipped with a tripod, he creates and takes pictures of his own landscapes in his studio. His latest creations make use of the human shape in making the viewer mistake it for desert landscapes. This way, bellies and backs turn into dunes, ...


The 10 most expensive photos of all times

On a daily basis, I come across photos that I like and that I would ascribe a high monetary value. I reflect upon how difficult it must have been to capture the motive, how gorgeous the photo turned out or how groundbreaking the idea behind it or the underlying message is. At the art market, ...