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SIGMA’s special design scores a strike at the Red Dot Award

Obviously spring comes with a lot of success for SIGMA, about which we can all be. As announced a couple of days ago, the SIGMA sd Quattro series won the best prize at the Red Dot Award in the category Product Design: the “Red Dot: Best of the Best”. But that’s not all – the ...


SIGMA sd Quattro wins the IF Gold Award

Once again SIGMA has been confirmed for its top camera design as the Japanese company was awarded the iF Design Award 2017 for its mirrorless sd Quattro digital camera. In 1953 the predecessor of the iF whose abbreviations means Industrie Forum, was founded as Die gute Industrieform in the German city of Hanover. Under the ...


Retro Mania

Ever since Fuji originally introduced its X100, I’ve noticed more and more cameras with similar pseudo-retro designs. Initially, I was amazed with this “back to the roots” movement, I have nothing against buttons and thumb wheels for the most important settings, quite the contrary. Quick access to the most important settings is desirable, and there’s ...