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Pictures, once again

After almost an entire week, it is high time for me to post a few new pictures. Work, nice weather and some minor technical issues kept me from uploading new content. As is often the case with me, either cute four-legged friends or delicious dainties cross my camera’s way. I hope you enjoy these little ...


Bad weather photo subject ideas: cats and food!

I‘d love to grab my tripod and SD1 and take some photos outside, but the weather conditions and light shortage make it impossible.  The only thing I can do I guess is taking my Sigma DP2 Merrill and   using something I come across on my way to work or while shopping as a subject.  There ...


Visiting the marketplace in Zemun with the Sigma DP2 Merrill

I was at the Zemun marketplace today to get some food for the following days. You can find everything there ― from smoked carp to pumpkin pie; two of my co-workers joked that you can even find bird milk there – but most importantly, at least for me, it provides endless opportunities for pictures. So ...