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Animated Light Paintings: Photosgraphé by Lucea Spinelli

In the past I frequently wrote about photographers transforming dozens of photos into short, animated sequences, so-called cinemagraphs. The two most popular photographers working with this type of photography are French: Julien Douvier sees beauty in every trivial move and perfectly understands how to capture it and make it visible to the observer. His colleague ...


Careful, munchies: Food Cinemagraphs on “Buttery Planet”

As you may know, I became a fan of Cinemagraphs ever since I saw them for the first time, half a year ago. Despite GIF being an old acquaintance, for the longest time I was unaware of the enormous potential of the in IQ terms severely limited data format. Until I saw Julien Douvier‘s animated ...


Tip: Romain Laurent’s animated portraits

It’s been a few years since I last wrote about French photographer Romain Laurent, who does skewed full-body portraits. When I recently stumbled across his website again, I was happy to see that he has stayed true to himself and still takes humorous photos. Out of all the image series he has photographed since 2009, ...