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Camera market 2015: An analysis by LensVid

Just like in the beginning of 2014 and 2015, the folks who run the website LensVid have analyzed the market data for last year published by CIPA this time as well and created a chart that can be interpreted very easily. Image source: lensvid.com The thing that you’ll notice immediately is the bar chart on the ...


Interesting: According to CIPA the camera market is slowly stabilizing

After three years of decreasing demand, the camera market, according to market data published by the Japan-based Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA), seems to be slowly stabilizing. As you can infer from the diagram added below, this year’s demand for interchangeable lens cameras (DSLRs and MILCs/EVILs) was only slightly below the level of last ...


The Future Belongs to the Mirrorless!

All of those who hang around at photo forums as often as I do will certainly have caught the discussions centering on the future of the reflex camera concept. According to many mirrorless-enthusiasts, the old rattle mirror is said to have served its time. It’s too big, too loud and too expensive to remain relevant ...