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SPP 6.2: a comparison of the various color modes

As I have promised in this blog post about the „portrait“ color mode, I went over the 10 color modes available in SPP 6.2 with a fine-tooth comb. To this end I imported a Quattro X3F in SPP and exported it ten times consecutively as a 16 bit TIFF. All settings were left at 0, ...


SPP 6.X.X: Color Mode „Portrait“

With the 6th version of SPP additional color modes were introduced. Currently Sigma’s RAW converter has 10 of these modes, whereby some of them – like “Sunset Red” and “Cinema” – are somewhat gimmicky. With the Merrills and SPP 5.X.X „neutral“ was, or rather still is, the color mode of my choice. With the Quattro ...