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Copyright suit Art Dragulis v. Kappa Map Group illustrates why one should be careful with CC licenses

As reported on techdirt.com, photographer Art Dragulis lost a lawsuit against an enterprise that used one of his pictures for commercial purposes without prior permission. © Art Dragulis As a photographer you must be wondering how this could happen. However, an outcry in the photo community would be inappropriate because this is a clear case of ...


Tipp: Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab’s Bee Macros

Ever since I’ve bought the Marumi achromatic lens, macro is all I can think about. Today I was at it again, but couldn’t find the time to process and upload any of them, maybe tomorrow. In search of inspiration, thanks to the PetaPixel’s article, I’ve stumbled upon US Geological Survey’s Bee Inventory and Monitoring Lab ...


The incredible photos of George Eastman House Museum

The internet keeps amazing me every day anew. For a hobby photographer, it is just like a river full of life to an angler. No sooner than the fishing rod is tossed, a catch is made 😉 . Thanks to a short article on popphoto.com, I took notice of a stunning Flickr-collection by the George ...