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Just strike me pink: Coconut Camera by Kotama Bouabane

The Toronto-based photographer Kotama Bouabane undoubtedly has a sense of humor, given that instead of a regular camera he prefers to take photos with a coconut. © Kotama Bouabane He repurposed the coconut into a camera by cutting it in half, removing the meat from the shell and drilling a hole, which acts as the camera’s ...


LUX, the First Open Source do-it-yourself Camera

Among DIY‘ers and tinkerers, Kevin Kadooka is a well-known camera-guru capable of crafting a functioning camera out of several defective ones of different types. He is Dr. Frankenstein among photo-tinkerers, in a way. 😉 While he had to salvage old cameras during his latest creations or relied on second-hand parts, he wanted to design a ...