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There’s no harm in a joke: “DIY” Leica Corespondent for €33,000

For some time now Leica has been collaborating with well-known designers on the development of tis limited and special edition cameras. One such special edition of the “M” was designed by Apple’s chief designer Johny Ive and Marc Newson, who has also designed the extremely unusual Pentax K-01. As you can read in the comments ...


LUX, the First Open Source do-it-yourself Camera

Among DIY‘ers and tinkerers, Kevin Kadooka is a well-known camera-guru capable of crafting a functioning camera out of several defective ones of different types. He is Dr. Frankenstein among photo-tinkerers, in a way. 😉 While he had to salvage old cameras during his latest creations or relied on second-hand parts, he wanted to design a ...