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Sigma News & Rumours: 24-35mm F2 Art was tested on SLRGear and additional samples of the 24-35 and DP0Q were published

As the first website worldwide, SLRGear.com had the opportunity to thoroughly test the Sigma 24-35mm f/2 DG HSM Art. According to a Review on Imaging-Resource’s partner website, the 24-35/2 A has very similar imaging qualities to its crop sibling (18-35/1.8 A). The newest Art is said to be very sharp in the middle of frame ...


Sigma News & Rumours: DP0 Quattro full resolution sample images

Two weeks ago Sigma published the MTF graphs, according to which the DP0 Quattro has got the sharpest lens of all DPs. Slowly but surely, full resolution example images are appearing on the internet which seem to consolidate this. Going by a series of sample shots with different apertures ranging from f/4 to f/10, which ...


Sigma news and rumours: the DP0 Quattro is supposed to have the sharpest lens of all the DP version!

The day before yesterday, Sigma US announced further details about the launch of the DP0 Quattro. At the same time, the usual graphs and figures appeared on the Global Vision website; they illustrate the imaging performance of the lens. I have inserted them below so you can get an idea about the sharpness, vignetting and ...