The Future of the Photo-Industry: An excellent Article by Roger Cicala

Roger Ciacala of Lens Rentals is known for his informative articles. His repair statitstics for lenses and DSLRs, which allow insights into build and service quality of diverse manufacturers’, are highly praised in the community. Treasured as well are his “teardowns” of cameras and lenses along with his profound articles on test prodecures and diverse ...


New market data: it doesn’t look good!

Thanks to personal-view.com and cameras.reviewed.com we now have up to date market data and can finally continue with our discussions on the death of DSLRs, demise of compact cameras and downfall of many camera makers. 😉 By the looks of it 2013 was the worst year since 2003. Quelle: personal-view.com / cameras.reviewed.com Whereas Point-and-shoots sales have collapsed by ...