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The TIME’s “Best of Space Photos 2016”

As some of you may already know, the American TIME always publishes some “best of” lists at the end of every year. I love taking a look at such lists and getting inspired by them. At least when it relates to a category which I also have access to! 😉 For example I got one ...


The Tiny Cosmos

After the video „The Lion City“, in which the tilt-shift effect has been meaningfully deployed for a change, I wouldn’t have thought to find other videos or photos that benefit from this digital image processing trick that quickly. With so many still and moving pictures I view every day, I have become tired of looking ...


Tip: ESA’s Observing the Earth and Space in Images

As all NASA-websites went offline and 97% of all employees have been placed on administrative leave since the US government shutdown, fans of gorgeous space photos now need to look for alternatives. Fortunately, we Europeans have an own space agency exploring outer space and the earth while diligently taking photos. Of the numerous projects of ...