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Three cheers for the new Hasselblad X1D

The guessing on the “Game Changer” that had been announced by Hasselblad has been taken out for a week now – the cat is out of the bag. And it’s a big cat which many photographers have been hoping for. The new X1D-50c is a mirrorless system camera with a medium-format sensor, measuring 44x33 millimeters with ...


Hasselblad can’t help it: relabeled A99 for €8500

You read correctly, Hasselblad once again announced a “beautified” Sony camera at an exorbitant price. This time, it’s not a compact camera or a NEX, but the most expensive SLT, the A99. While we’re on it, the A99 with the “H” on the body is priced at a believe it or not €8500. Instead of ...