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Is the development of sensors going into the wrong direction because of the obsession with High-ISO?

Photographers who are old enough can probably remember the – by now discontinued – low-sensitivity slide film- and black-and-white films, like Kodachrome 25, Kodachrome 64 and Technical Pan. Those were produced for decades and had many fans because of their fine grain and the vivid colours, that is, the breath-taking reproduction of detail. Even though ...


Sigma DP2Q vs DP2M Part 1: Noise Performance

Like I promised a few days ago, I’m now posting the noise performance comparison of the DP2 Quattro and the DP2 Merrill. Before I proceed to analyse the results, I would first like to say some things about in-camera settings as well as SPP and Lightroom settings. I haven’t taken any photos at ISO6400, because ...


Silly Mistake: High-ISO by Day!

I was so happy on my last photo tour: the light was great, it was warm and I wasn’t short of good subjects. “Couldn’t have been any better”, I thought when I came home. But soon after I had a look at the photos on my PC and discovered that I shot all of them ...