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Reading tip for ‘photo-nerds’: A series of articles by Lens Rentals on lens variation

No other photo website apart from LensRentals.com has the possibility to test more than one copy of a lens. The reason is easy to explain: while other review-pages have to rely on test samples from manufacturers or retailers and usually only get one copy to test, LensRentals, being a rental business for photography equipment, can ...


The fly in the lens ;)

I had to laugh out loud when I read this report by Roger Cicala on LensRentals today. It is hard to believe, but after a customer had sent back a rented Canon 24-105 L, it was discovered, during the routine inspection, that there was a fly inside the lens. 🙂 The fact that the 24-105 ...


The Future of the Photo-Industry: An excellent Article by Roger Cicala

Roger Ciacala of Lens Rentals is known for his informative articles. His repair statitstics for lenses and DSLRs, which allow insights into build and service quality of diverse manufacturers’, are highly praised in the community. Treasured as well are his “teardowns” of cameras and lenses along with his profound articles on test prodecures and diverse ...