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The Hanged Mosquito

  The following picture of a mosquito caught in a spiderweb could well be one of my best macros. When it comes to image ratio, it is nothing out of the ordinary, the DP3M, paired with the Marumi DHG200 achromatic lens, could perform distinctly better. But of all macros I took in the last years, I like ...


A little Bit of Everything

Lately, I only took my compact cameras with me, the DP2M and the DP3M. As chance would have it, very different subjects popped up in front of my camera. Everything from dogs and cats, to macros with the Marumi achromatic lens and light effects to high-ISO-shots is included. As it currently looks light-wise, I will ...


DP3 Merrill, Marumi, Macro

The last few days, I’ve been on the road again with the Sigma DP3 Merrill and the Marumi +5, and what can I say, I am very pleased with the shots. Some of the pictures are, in my opinion, the best macros I’ve ever taken. I particularly like the photos of flies, especially the colourful ...