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PETA sues photographer David Slater because of monkey selfie

You probably remember the curious story about the monky selfie I’ve reported about here and here in August last year? Just to refresh your memory in case you don’t, back in 2011 a macaque female snatched a camera owned by nature photographer David Slater and snapped several selfies with it. Since the photos weren’t taken ...


U.S.Copyright Office: Monkey Selfies Can’t Be Copyrighted

Hardly three weeks after the monkey business revolving around the monkey selfie ensued, the US Copyright Office made a comment on the issue in its 1,222-page long document “Compendium of US Copyright Office Practices, Third Edition“. Just as a quick reminder: 2011 a crested black macaque took the said monkey selfie, which you can view ...


The Monkey Selfie: a Tough Nut to Crack for Legal System and Photo Community

The following story about famous British nature photographer David Slater and the monkey selfie has been dividing the photo community for days and may potentially turn the legal understanding of animals upside down completely. When Slater visited the Indonesian isle Sulawesi in 2011 to take pictures of macaques, he left his camera unattended for a ...