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Bear kills man during a selfie attempt

  © Petapixel On Wednesday a man in India was killed by a bear, after attempting to shoot a selfie with the wild animal. As the newspaper Hindustan Times reports, the entire thing took place in the Indian state of Odisha. A man by the name of Prabhu Bhatara was returning home with some fiends ...

“Things that annoy me about photography“ or “The flood of pictures“  

Facebook, Instagram etc. have made it possible to create selfies. And this kind of taking pictures is used and shared in an unforeseen way. This has led to billions of images produced without any clear idea behind them.


Attention Magnet: the Macbook Selfie Stick

For everyone who would like to attract more attention while taking selfies than it is possible with smartphones or even tablets there could be a suitable product soon: the MacBook Selfie Stick! This selfie stick is a telescopic rod of about one meter in length and with a clamp mounting at its end. In contrast ...


Unbelievable: British guy wins photo contest, but horse owner wants a piece of his cake

About one month ago, when David Bellis from Prestatyn, North Wales, was about to take a selfie with his three-year-old son Jacob, a grinning horse pushed its way right into the picture. David didn’t want to miss the opportunity and pressed the shutter-release button. With that funny photo he then participated at Thomson Holidays’ “Made ...


While Lying Wounded on the Ground he Whipped Out his Smartphone and Took a Selfie

The following story from Tampa, Florida, will certainly give even the biggest fans of selfies food for thought. Namely, when 23-year-old bartender Andrew Noll (right in the picture) lay bleeding on the ground because he had gotten shot by his ex-mistress, he used his smartphone to take a selfie instead of calling the ambulance. I ...


My God, first the ‘selfie’, now the ‘shelfie’!

*click* I’m watching TV *click* I’m at the supermarket *click* now I’m on vacation, sightseeing *click* I’m eating cake *click* I’m drinking coffee… I get why people take “selfies” – the reason is, without a doubt, the pinch of narcissism and the need for attention that every one of us has, but I’m really sick ...