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Tunisia: a short travelog of my holidays (Part 2)

As I wrote in the first part, it was rather quite where I was, and it got more and more quiet towards the end of my holidays: on the fifth or sixth day the Serbian ministry for foreign affairs decided to issue a travel warning, which lead to the hotel being even more empty. From ...


Tunisia: a short travelog of my holidays (Part 1)

After the terrorist attack in Sousse, my friends and family were intent on dissuading me from travelling to Tunisia. However, the holiday had been booked and the money transferred three weeks earlier, and I was so ready for some time off that I got a headache simply from thinking about cancelling and having to comb ...


A photographic walk through the realm of the dragonflies

As I wrote yesterday, I went on two photo tours last Friday. On my way home from the first I discovered a part of the riverside inhabited by hundreds of buzzing dragonflies. Since I could not get close enough with the short focal length of the DP2Q without getting wet, I ran home to retrieve ...