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As a photographer who favours normal focal length you can get used to the 35 mm focal length

I was having a tough time with Sigma’s 24/1.4 Art in the beginning because I didn’t get along with its focal length. I’m used to taking photos with a normal focal length or even longer focal lengths such as the DP3M’s 50mm (which is equivalent to 75mm in full frame terms). But it’s not like ...


Sigma News and Rumors: many 24 mm f1.4 Art and DP3 Quattro Samples

MTF-graphs and product pictures are certainly interesting, however, the only thing that really matters for us photographers are the photos! 😉 Luckily enough we were not kept in suspense for too long, as the first samples could be inspected only a few days after the announcement. Apart from dpreview, four more websites have published 24mm ...