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The Battle of the 30s: Sigma 30mm f1.4 EX vs 30mm f1.4 ART Part 1

50mm (full frame equivalent) fixed focal lengths are counted among the lenses with the widest field of application. It comes as no surprise, then, that both 30mm f/1.4 Sigmas are repeatedly mentioned in threads focusing on purchase advice. Before the appearance of the 30mm ART, the selection was somewhat more transparent. You could either opt ...


Sigma 30mm f/1.4 ART Hands on!

You have read correctly! I had the opportunity to test Sigma’s fast APSC fixed focal length, the 30mm f/1.4 ART. It is too early to draw any conclusions, except that the new finish actually looks as valuable as initially seen on product images and also feels accordingly. Zeiss-like, if you ask me. The surface is ...