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One shouldn’t underestimate compact cameras

Unexperienced photo lovers tend to tremendously underestimate any camera smaller than a (D)SLR. The photo gadget has to be huge, offer vast expandability and have at least a good dozen buttons and dials. Old hands know that it is the photographer who takes the picture and have a more pragmatic way of thinking about equipment. ...


Do you pet stray animals?

Or do they disgust you? My living conditions here in Serbia and my principles don’t allow me to keep a cat or a dog. I love animals, but I have a clear conception of how they should live. They should have lots of space to roam freely and spend lots of time in the open, ...


DP2m at closest focusing distance

Over the past couple of days, I played around a bit with the DP2m close-up-range in order to find out what I can get out of a camera in this respect. I predominantly used aperture f2.8 and manual focus at it. Rather than turning around the lens ring, I left the focus at 28cm (DP2m’s ...