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SPP 6.2: a comparison of the various color modes

As I have promised in this blog post about the „portrait“ color mode, I went over the 10 color modes available in SPP 6.2 with a fine-tooth comb. To this end I imported a Quattro X3F in SPP and exported it ten times consecutively as a 16 bit TIFF. All settings were left at 0, ...


Sigma News & Rumors: SPP 6.2 is available and it is considerably faster than 6.1!

Sigma has released SPP 6.2 (download site) and as you can read in the changelog below, the main focus of this version of Sigmas RAW converter are improvements to processing and write speeds. Before I installed SPP 6.2, I imported a Quattro X3F into 6.1 and measured the time with my smartphone it took for it to ...