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The TIME’s “Best of Space Photos 2016”

As some of you may already know, the American TIME always publishes some “best of” lists at the end of every year. I love taking a look at such lists and getting inspired by them. At least when it relates to a category which I also have access to! 😉 For example I got one ...


Is good photo equipment even important? The pictures of Pluto prove that it it ;)

I admit that I’m just kidding with the title of this entry since I don’t want to start the old discussion of “who is responsible for the quality of the pictures, the equipment or the photographer?”. However, it’s impossible to claim that the equipment is unimportant because the photos taken of Pluto over the last ...


Big Birthday: 25 years of Hubble Space Telescope

The idea to send a telescope into space to get around the quality loss in images due to the Earth’s atmosphere is not new. It was first described by Hermann Oberth in his book “By Rocket Into Planetary Space“ in 1924. However, as with most ideas that are ahead of their times, it took a ...