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SPP 6.2.1 vs 6.3: is it possible to tease out more sharpness of the X3Fs with the newest version?

I was curious when Sigma launched SPP 6.3 and the change log claimed that the algorithm had been improved to make the Quattro X3Fs even sharper. Since optimising the RAW converter usually only improves the image quality a tiny bit, I was not expecting to see a huge difference when comparing 6.3 and 6.2.1. I ...


Several oddities

During my last photo walk I’ve tried to capture a large spectrum of photo subjects. Of course, cats are also among them, however, I’ve made an effort to find and capture a number of oddities, which you might find interesting. What you see in the following photo is a Serbian obituary. To answer the question ...


Sigma news and rumours: SPP 6.2.1 and firmware-updates for the DP1Q and DP2Q are now available!

During a talk two weeks ago, the owner and CEO of Sigma, Kazuto Yamaki, said that a new SPP version and firmware updates for the DPQs would be released. These updates, which increase the quality of the pictures and speed up the AF are now available for download. Since I do not dispose of any ...